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Our Mission

The Mission of  KindnessEvolution is to fuel a positive cultural shift to more fully incorporate the practice of intentional kindness, compassion and care into every aspect of American society.




2018 Kindness Collective

We gathered 24 Leaders of Kindness Organizations and 6 Inspiring youth to explore this challenge Question:

  How might we unite and collaborate  in ways that use the unique assets of our collective organizations so that we might achieve GREATER social impact. 

April 20-22, 2018, Half Moon Bay, CA.

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ATTENDEES:   Charter for Compassion, Simple Acts of Care and Kindness, KindagiousGuess Anti-Bullying Foundation , World Kindness USA, UNESCO, Doing Good Together , Kindness Matters, Kindfulness ,#GlobalKindness Going Viral, The Great Kindness Challenge, Spread Kindness, Inspired2C , Compassion Games, The Joy Team, A Kulture of Kindness, Kindness-Matters We can Change theWorld, Strength Behind Stars, Learn to Stop Bullying and 6 inspiring youth leaders.

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First Unified

No Bullying, Period.

KindnessEvolution and the participants of the 2018 KindnessCollective are launching the first United Initiative in alignment wth October, National No-Bullying month.

Our Mission: Bring awareness, provide free resources and help facilitate involvement and action, so that we bring an end to bullying and ensure that all schools provide a safe and nurturing environment.

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In the Media

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Latest News 


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ACA is an 108-year old national organization with a commitment to positive youth experiences. ACA has 11,000 members, including Boys Club, YMCA, and Girl Scouts, and they reach over 11.2 million youth and 100k+ college counselors. We're so excited about this collaboration and the pipeline in place to reach and impact millions of youth!





On March 21st, KindnessEvolution attended the American Camp Association Conference with 10 college-age counselors and camp directors and our amazing facilitation company, ThinkWrong.  Together we are developing the Inaugural CampKindness Day to pilot July 24th, 2018



Youth who took their lives due to bullying

No Bullying, Period.  September, October 2018

"How might we collaborate to focus more students, educators, and parents on the value of intentional kindness in order to bring an end to bullying and ensure that all schools provide a safe, inclusive and nurturing environment."

Constant kindness can accomplish much. As the sun makes ice melt, kindness causes misunderstanding, mistrust, and hostility to evaporate.
— Albert Schweitzer
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